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LatAm Spanish copywriting vs Spain Spanish copywriting

If your Spanish message is not crystal clear, your conversion rates will fall.

If you are trying to reach people living in Spain, by all means, hire a Spanish copywriter from Spain.

Someone intimately familiar with the way the Spanish language is used there.

But if you target audiences that speak Spanish and live in the US or Latin America, your copywriting should be done by a professional that knows how to use the local dialect and what works in Latin American Spanish copywriting.

Immigrants from Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina make up the largest Latin American Spanish-speaking group living in the United States.

language barriers in Spanish Copywriting

To understand the relationship between European and LatAm Spanish, we can say that Spain Spanish is to Latin American Spanish what British English is to American English.

However, we often find British copywriting doing well in business, generating sales in the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and many other English-speaking countries.

There is something posh and attractive to the way Brits use the written and spoken word.

There is a common belief that a brand will do well selling luxury and expensive items if it judiciously uses a British-style copy or accent.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with Spain Spanish copy.

For us, native LatAm Spanish Speakers, it isn't easy to understand unless one is familiar with Spain's culture and how the Spanish language is used there.

Spain Spanish Copy is never used anywhere in Latin America unless you watch a tv show from Spain.

Most people from Latin America prefer "Español Latino" (Latin American Spanish) instead of Spanish from Spain.

This fact has not escaped the notice of publishers engaged in translating and adding voiceovers to videos.

To engage Spanish speakers living in Latin America and the US, they use LatAm voiceovers.

Cultural barriers in Spanish Copywriting

I now create and manage ad campaigns in Google Ads for many of my Spanish copywriting customers. I've been doing it since 2011.

But back in 2007, I was beginning to learn how to use Google's advertising platform to apply Spanish copywriting techniques to PPC ads.

However, learning was challenging because Google Ads is only offered to this day in Spain Spanish, but I'm a native Spanish speaker from Mexico.

Many of the more advanced concepts were very confusing because Google uses words not commonly used in Mexico or Latin America.

I don't understand how a company that size would allow such a thing to happen.

Every digital marketer in the world knows Googles's advertising platform is a vast biding system of sorts that auctions off keywords.

It took me months to understand how the bidding works because they did not use Latin American Spanish!

To point out just one example: the word auction means auction anywhere in the English-speaking world.

But its counterpart word in Spanish, the term "Puja," is only used in Spain.

However, due to Google's sheer size, the term is now getting traction among digital marketers everywhere in Latin America.

Nevertheless, the problem in Google Ads is that you may be able to translate an individual word. Still, associated sentences use terms and concepts only used by people living in Spain.

Learning how to use Adwords, now known as Google Ads, was a confusing endeavor not only for me but for millions in Latin America, I found out later.

I got so frustrated that I finally gave up learning their system in Spain Spanish, so I gave it a whirl in English.

Finally, using English, I understood perfectly how Google's advertising platform works.

It wasn't just a single word that impeded my progress but a slew of terms and concepts that are not commonly used in Latin America.

Every time I switched their system back to Spain Spanish, I got confused, so I eventually did all my work using the English version, and I still do so to this day.

Because of all the confusion, I now help my customers learn to use Google Ads with step-by-step tutorials and videos on the Spanish section of this website, and of course, I use LatAm Spanish.

No wonder there is a category called "Español Latino" in many video-sharing websites.

That situation would harm your efforts to connect with and persuade your US or Latin American audience.

I'm a native Spanish speaker born in Mexico, trained and educated in the US, and currently living in Colombia.

I have more than 30 years of experience and specialize in Latin American Spanish copywriting.

If I can be of help, please let me know.

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